Fuel Consumption Possible Cause 1: Carbon Build-up on injectors, poor spray pattern Solution: Wynn’s Power Boost for Diesel, Wynn’s Power Boost for Petrol, Wynn’s Injector Cleaner,     Possible Cause 2: Deposit Build-up in Combustion Chamber Solution: Wynn’s Injector Cleaner, Wynn’s TDI, Spit fire for Petrol, Diesel Power 3 Possible Cause 3: Dirty fuel injection carburrector Solution: Wynn’s Injector Cleaner, Wynn’s Carb Cleaner, Wynn’s Fuel System Cleaner   Possible Cause 1: Fuel Octane rating (Ron) below requirement Solutions: Wynn’s Power Boost for Petrol, Octane Booster, Valve seat for Petrol,  Possible cause 2:  Use for Unleaded, LRP, or 4 Stroke Replacement Fuel Solution:  Wynn’s Power Boost for Petrol, Octane Booster, Valve seat for Petrol,  Possible Cause:  Leaded Fuel no longer available Solutions: Wynn’s Power Boost for Petrol, Octane Booster, Valve seat for Petrol, Valve Guard  Possible Cause: Incomplete Fuel Combustion Solution: Wynn’s Power Boost for Diesel, Wynn’s TDI, Spit Fire for Petrol, Diesel Power 3           Valve Seat Protection for Classic cars and Older Cars          Prevention of Premature wear of Diesel Fuel Pump  Possible Cause 1: Low Sulphur Fuels, City Diesel (All Wynn’s Diesel additives contain fuel pump lube) Solution: Wynn’s Power Boost for Diesel, Injector Cleaner, Diesel Power 3, Wynn’s TDi © Copyright - Wynn Oil South Africa - 2011