Lubricants WYNN’S CHAIN LUBE - Strongly adhesive water repellent lubricant with high penetrating properties, retards friction and wear. Resists mud, cold, hot and salt water and does not conduct electricity. Code Packaging Bar code 346 12 X 37ml 6001296003465 WYNN’S NUMBER 5 - Lubricates chains, hinges, locks, castors, firearms, fishing reels, tools and sewing machines. Displaces water and dries out wet ignition and electrical contacts. Dissolves grease, tar and gum. Great for cleaning of sticky gum which remains on goods after price stickers are removed. Protects against rust and corrosion. Available in two sizes. Code Packaging Bar code 413 24 X 200ml 6001296004134 (Aerosol) 414 24 X 375ml 6001296004141 (Aerosol) WYNN’S WYNFLON - Is a PTFE based lubricant that is specially designed for guns, rifles, cycles, chains, reels, cable and can be used anywhere superior lubrication is required. Code Packaging Bar code 416 24 X 200ml 6001296004165 (Aerosol) WYNN’S SILOCONE LUBRICANT - Is a multi-purpose silicone lubricant spray. It lubricates, penetrates, protects and dispels moisture. Code Packaging Bar code 420 24 X 200ml 6001296004202 WYNN’S CHAIN LUBE WYNN’S NUMBER 5 WYNFLON © Copyright - Wynn Oil South Africa - 2011 Click thumbnail to enlarge Click thumbnail to enlarge Click thumbnail to enlarge Click thumbnail to enlarge SILICONE LUBRICANT 200ML Click thumbnail to enlarge CHAIN WAX Code Packaging Bar code 418 24 X 375ml 6001296004189 WYNN’S CHAIN WAX