Bad smell air-conditioning

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Only use for air treatment

The Wynn’s Aircomatic® III is a professional service device for the removal and prevention of bad odours and bacteria in air-conditioning systems and vehicle interiors.
The 3 stage function includes complete air-conditioning system sanitising with Wynn’s Fresh Air Ultrasonic, Qzone Treatment and odour removal with Wynn’s Air Purifier, eliminating all harmful bacteria, moulds, fungi and odours professionally without dismantling.


Only use for air treatment

Wynn`s Aircon Treatment will effectively neutralise unpleasant odours that are emitted from air conditioning systems.
Mould and fungi that occur in the moist enclosed ducting of the air conditioning system can cause allergies and unpleasant odours.
Wynn’s Aircon Treatment is the easy and convenient way to remove these problems in minutes leaving the vehicle with a pleasant scent.