Excessive oil consumption

Oil System solutions


Charge for oil is a high mileage oil additive for the car with some wear and tear and using oil.
A viscosity index improver prevents blow-by by maintaining oil viscosity throughout the temperature range preventing oil smoke.
Anti-wear agents provide extra boundary lubrication protection reducing further wear of engine parts while quietening valve train and engine noise.
Use in manual gearboxes and differentials or as an assembly lube, to ensure superior wear protection and smooth operation.


An oil additive formulated specifically to reduce exhaust emissions (typically blue or black smoke) caused by oil burning through the combustion chamber,
commonly known as blow-by smoke.
Stop Smoke is a highly effective Viscosity Index Improver providing superior thermal stability to the engine oil, preventing seepage past the piston rings.
Suggested for high mileage or vehicles using excessive amounts of oil between service intervals.
Compatible with wet clutch motorcycles when used at 5% per volume
Catalytic converter safe.


Corrects internal and external oil leaks resulting from shrunken rubber seals, gaskets, O-rings and piston wear and tear.
Stops oil leaks past valve stem seals as well as blow-by
Rejuvenates seals