Wynn’s Coolant/ Antifreeze is a concentrate designed to meet old and modern vehicle requirements made from the finest Euro spec glycols, anti-corrosion and anti-foam agents to provide superior protection.
Freezing Point at 40% dilution -25 degrees C (ASTM D1177)
Wynn’s Coolant/Antifreeze meets ASTM D3306/D4985;
SAE J-1034; British & Fed. Standards.


Suitable for all radiator types from classics to modern aluminium core radiators.
The 1 Litre concentrate can be diluted with demineralised water as per vehicle's requirements


Dilute contents as desired, then simply pour into the radiator filling reservoir until it is full.
Run the vehicle until normal operating temperature is reached.
Continue to top up while vehicle is idling until the full level is maintained.
It is recommended that all old coolant is flushed using Wynn’s Radiator Flush before replacing with new coolant.
Do not mix with OAT coolant


12 x 1 Litre


Cooling System

Cooling system problems, such as leaks and insufficient cooling due to fouling of the system, are the primary cause of vehicle breakdowns. To prevent these problems Wynn’s recommends radiator treatments.

Cooling System