Catalytic Converter and O2 Sensor Cleaner

Catalytic Converter and O2 Sensor Cleaner

Removes deposits and reduces emissions
W534 · 325ml

Over time deposits form on you Catalytic converter and oxygen sensor rendering your vehicle’s performance lower than it should be. Wynn’s Catalytic converter and Oxygen sensor cleaner optimizes the efficiency of the catalytic converter and Oxygen sensors by removing harmful deposits and restoring your vehicle’s performance.

  • Prologs life and ensures optimal working of the Catalytic converter and the O2 sensors
  • Improves fuel efficiency by restoring the air-fuel ratio
  • Prevents OBD warning lamp illumination
  • Especially suited for city driving cycles Recommended for all petrol and petrol hybrid engines
Parts Effectiveness
O2 sensor
Catalytic converter (petrol)
Combustion Chamber
Fuel Tank
Fuel Pump
Piston rings

How to use

  1. Add to fuel tank
  2. Simply follow the instructions on the TDS


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