Chilly Willy Antifreeze

Chilly Willy Antifreeze

40% Premixed inorganic coolant antifreeze
W510 · 1000ml / W515 · 2000ml

Chilly Willy is a pre-mixed high performance inorganic coolant /antifreeze package for old and modern vehicles. Made from the finest Euro spec glycols, anti-corrosion and anti-foam agents to provide superior protection. Contains 40% MEG Freezing Point: -25 degrees C (ASTM D1177) ASTM D3306/D4985; SAE J-1034; British & Fed. Standards.

  • Made from the finest Euro spec Glycols
  • Contains anti-corrosion and anti-foam agents
  • Provides superior protection
Parts Effectiveness
Cooling System

How to use

  1. Add to the cooling system
  2. Simply pour into the radiator filling reservoir
  3. As needed


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