Dash Aerosol Lavender

Dash Aerosol Lavender

Freshens and Protects
W463 · 250ml

Wynn’s Dash for vinyl and rubber, treats and protects the dashboard, plastic bumpers, trim, matt surfaces and trunk rubbers.
Dash will remove polish traces from plastic and rubber trims.
Use on cars, minibuses, boats, caravans.
Protector and beautifier of interior and exterior trim.
Extra long lasting Lavender and natural Leather fragrances.
Fights odours.
For vinyl, rubber, dashboards, tyres, bumpers.

  • Treats and cleans vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces
  • UV Protection
  • Anti-static
  • Lavender and Leather fragrance
Parts Effectiveness
Vehicle interior

How to use

  1. Simply follow the instructions on the TDS
  2. As needed


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