Diesel Clean Burn

Diesel Clean Burn

Burns Away Carbon
W557 · 375ml

With today’s stop start driving, the DPF does not always have time to regenerate causing clogging and ultimately needing replacement.
By adding Wynn’s Clean Burn, a severely clogged DPF will regenerate in minutes restoring power. Similarly, the exhaust turbo fan accumulates large amounts of soot and un-burned carbon deposits which will be burnt off through this process. Wynn’s Clean Burn uses unique catalytic technology added to the fuel, to lower the incineration temperature of soot particles to below 400 degrees C, maintaining a clean, trouble free DPF system, clear EGR valve to restore correct air/fuel mixture and clean both conventional and variable vane turbo fans providing immediate turbo response and optimum performance.

  • Cleans and regenerates Diesel Particulate Filter
  • Prevents and cures Turbo lag by removingrestricting soot and carbon deposits
  • Reduces soot accumulation on the EGR valve
  • Restores and maintains optimumperformance of DPF, EGR and Turbo
Parts Effectiveness
EGR Valve
Diesel Oxidation Catalyst
Piston rings

How to use

  1. Add to the fuel tank
  2. Up to 60 liters
  3. Every 5000km or as required


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