Diesel Turbo Cleaner

Complete Variable Vane Turbo Cleaning

Wynn’s Diesel Turbo Cleaner is a chemical treatment for all diesel engines that clears blocked turbochargers. Cleans and frees sticking vanes of the variable turbo. Improves combustion and reduces soot emissions. Restores engine power

  • Turbo


• Removes carbon build up from the turbine and frees sticking vanes without dismantling.

• Removes residues from the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst and has a good cleaning effect on the EGR valve.

• Re-establishes engine power and throttle response.

• Improves combustion and reduces soot emissions.

• Extends the life of the turbo and the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst.

• Harmless for all after-treatment systems.


Please consult the technical info sheet


Please consult the technical info sheet




Both modern cars and older vehicles have specific requirements, that have a chemical solution to provide the optimal engine performance and driving comfort. Modern fuel systems are highly tuned and therefore more susceptible to the negative effects of chemical reactions in the fuel. These lead to fouling of the fuel system, lack of lubrication, corrosion and other problems. Older vehicles experience problems to obtain the correct air/fuel ratio and combustion efficiency due to accumulation of deposits in the fuel system and wear on the components.