Dry Fuel

Dry Fuel

For Petrol and Diesel Engines
W546 · 375ml

Wynn’s DRY FUEL is a product suitable for diesel and petrol engines developed to absorb water in the fuel system. Fuel is hygroscopic by nature meaning it attracts water from the atmosphere causing corrosion, micro-organism growth and poor engine operation. Dry Fuel emulsifies the free water into a stable fuel solution allowing it to be burned through combustion and out the exhaust as vapour without damage to the engine.

  • Absorbs water from the fuel tank.
  • Cleans fuel injectors.
  • Protects against rust and corrosion.
  • Prevents carburettor and fuel filter icing.
Parts Effectiveness
Fuel Tank
Fuel Pump
Piston rings
Diesel Oxidation Catalyst


Engine Petrol & Hybrid petrol, Diesel & Hybrid diesel

How to use

  1. Add to the fuel tank
  2. Simply follow the instructions on the TDS
  3. As needed


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375 ml
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