Wynn's Enviropurge is an independently operated apparatus which effectively and professionally cleans petrol and diesel injection systems without disassembly while the engine is running.

The specially formulated cleaning fluids remove carbon and soot deposits in the combustion camber, frees sticky rings as well as removes internal injector deposits restoring efficient fuel delivery.


Petrol injection systems (K, KE, L, LE, LH, Motronic, Monojetronic, Renix, direct injection, etc.)
Diesel engines (pre-chamber and direct injection, common rail, injection-pump unit).
Suitable for passenger cars and trucks, marine and stationary engines.
For exclusive use with Wynn’s Injection System Purge and Wynn’s Diesel System Purge.Ideal for all petrol and petrol hybrid vehicles especially in stop start, city driving conditions


The Enviropurge is a professional delivery system for the Wynn's petrol (ISP) as well as diesel (DSP) cleaning fluids
The device is simply connected to the car's delivery and return fuel supplies
The engine is run on the fluid for approximately 20min for a complete injector and combustion clean
Delivery pressure is supplied by compressed air and is adjustable on the Enviropurge equipment
For more detailed information, please refer to the instruction manual


Please consult the technical info sheet


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