For all petrol engines

A complex blend of selected cleaning agents formulated
to accumulatively clean the entire petrol fuel system
removing all lacquer, gum and resin deposits associated
with petrol engines.
Wynn’s Fuel System Cleaner is ideal for carburettor, multipoint/
indirect injection or inlet induction systems where
the air/fuel mixture leaves gum and resin deposits in the
inlet manifold.
Use as directed to maintain efficient fuel delivery or decant
into a container to clean engine parts.
Safe to use with catalytic converters as well as O2/lambda sensors.


• Complete fuel system cleaning from tank
through to combustion
• Dissolves petrol related deposits restoring
efficient fuel delivery
• Improves fuel consumption and keeps
fuel jets clean
• Use as solvent to clean carburettor and other
engine parts


Add contents to petrol tank

375ml treats 70 litres Petrol


12 x 375ml




Both modern cars and older vehicles have specific requirements, that have a chemical solution to provide the optimal engine performance and driving comfort. Modern fuel systems are highly tuned and therefore more susceptible to the negative effects of chemical reactions in the fuel. These lead to fouling of the fuel system, lack of lubrication, corrosion and other problems. Older vehicles experience problems to obtain the correct air/fuel ratio and combustion efficiency due to accumulation of deposits in the fuel system and wear on the components.