Gear Oil Treatment

Gear Oil Treatment

Supplementary EP gear oil package for manual gearboxes, differentials or use as an assembly lube for engine rebuilds.
W530 · 90ml

Wynn’s Gear Oil Treatment and Assembly Lube, is a fully supplementary gear oil package scientifically formulated using the latest technology to provide all the below listed
gear box, differential and wide variety of automotive and industrial equipment. Formulated to meet international vehicle manufacturer’s specifications of extreme pressure gear oils and recommended for use in limited slip differentials.

  • Reduces gear friction & wear extending component life
  • Provides oxidation & shear stability for longer oil life
  • Quietens diff & manual gearbox whine providing smoother gear changes
  • Anti-Wear & Extreme Pressure additives provide excellent protection during engine rebuilds & component assembly


Engine Diesel & Hybrid diesel

How to use

  1. Simply follow the instructions on the TDS

Do not exceed 1500 rpm during treatment.


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