Stop Smoke

Stop Smoke

Reduces blow-by smoke associated with worn engines
W507 · 500ml

An oil additive formulated specifically to reduce exhaust emissions (typically blue or black smoke) caused by oil burning through the combustion chamber, commonly known as blow-by smoke.
Stop Smoke is a highly effective Viscosity Index Improver providing superior thermal stability to the engine oil, preventing seepage past the piston rings.
Suggested for high mileage or vehicles using excessive amounts of oil between service intervals.
Compatible with wet clutch motorcycles when used at 5% per volume.
Catalytic converter safe.

  • Reduces exhaust smoke
  • Reduces oil consumption in engines with considerable wear
  • Improves compression and prevents blow-by by sealing the piston rings
  • Restores oil pressure
Parts Effectiveness
Oil System


Engine Petrol & Hybrid petrol, Diesel & Hybrid diesel

How to use

  1. Add entire contents to the engine oil
  2. Up to 6 liters of engine oil
  3. At each oil change or more frequently if required


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