Valve Lifter Concentrate

Valve Lifter Concentrate

Conditions oil to remove sticky deposits restricting the hydraulic valve lifters
W516 · 375ml

Wynn’s Hydraulic Valve Lifter & Oil Conditioner is formulated to combat contamination throughout the oil system, cleaning the Hydraulic Valve Lifters, Valve train while offering superior anti-wear protection.

  • Prevents & eliminates noisy Hydraulic Valve Lifter operation
  • Cleans and prevents sticky Variable Valve Timing systems
  • Prevents excessive oil consumption caused by bore lacquering
  • Reduces positive crankcase pressure by preventing PCV valve deposits
Parts Effectiveness
Oil System


Engine Petrol & Hybrid petrol, Diesel & Hybrid diesel

How to use

  1. Add entire contents to the engine oil
  2. Up to 6 liters of engine oil
  3. At each oil change or more frequently if required


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375 ml
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