With the loosening of the lockdown, the vehicles are also being used more often again. In the case of gasoline vehicles, the fuel system errors have increased.

If the fuel in the tank degrades and moisture seeps in, it will build up lacquer and contaminate the fuel system and injectors. This, in turn, will affect the injector’s spray pattern and cause the engine management light and a fault code to illuminate. A common trouble code is P0300 (Random Multiple Misfire). The engine management system detects a cylinder misfire. P0420 (catalyst efficiency below threshold) is also a detected fault and can exist when the management system cannot correct the fueling of the vehicle to keep emissions under control. Before replacing parts, it is recommended that you clean the fuel system with Wynn’s Petrol Injector Cleaner.

Cleaning the fuel system neutralizes the acids, cleanses and restores the injector’s spray patterns, restoring the vehicle’s performance and response.