Understanding Additives?

Your car is usually the second biggest investment you make after your home, and its engine must endure a lot during its lifetime; wear, contamination, heat, leaks etc.… So, it goes without saying that maintaining the engine is essential to ensure it has a long life and performs as it should.
What are additives:
Additives are chemical ingredients in oil, fuel and coolant that prevent contamination and solve problems associated with these essential fluids on which your car operates. These may include detergents, dispersants, viscosity improvers, anti-corrosives, anti-wear and friction modifiers among many others.
They are by no means foreign to the engine but already form part of many commercial oils, fuels and coolants on the market today which raises the question…. why do we need aftermarket additives?
Well as your car ages common problems arise which require intervention outside the usual maintenance regime e.g. clogged injectors, blocked soot filter, high exhaust emissions, poor engine performance, excessive fuel consumption, leaks, and even bad smells, all of which can easily be solved or prevented by using additional “vitamins” or additives specially formulated to deal with these very issues. It’s not because the oils, fuels or coolants we choose are necessarily of poor quality, but rather due to various conditions the engine is exposed to over time and often not designed for such as stop start city driving where the engine rarely reaches optimal temperature, or immanent wear and tear leading to leaks and contamination.
Additives can offer an alternative to many costly mechanical repairs saving you a lot of money.
Ten good reasons to consider using additives in your vehicle:

1) Restore lost engine performance
2 Prevent fast degradation and ageing
3 Protect and lubricate parts
4 Reduce harmful exhaust emissions
5 Prevent or reduce high consumption
6 Clean systems fouled by impurities
7 Prevent fouling of engine parts
8 Prevent seasonal problems
9 Stop leaks
10 Solve bad smell problems