Why cause friction between you and your beloved?

Since the dawn of the modern combustion engine, engineers have endeavored to optimize horse power by designing engines which maximize space and energy by carefully considering the laws of thermodynamics. Whilst engineers were hard at work with providing power through the internal workings of the modern vehicle, car designers were artistically sculpting the vehicle’s exterior look and feel with precision and flare. With tireless dedication to perfection and engineering genius, your classic vehicle was born from metal, plastic, fluids, fabric and leather. Your investment into your classic vehicle’s care and maintenance is appreciated by no one other than yourself hence there is little denying that your vehicle’s wellbeing is of utmost importance.

Wynn’s shares these sentiments and has called upon the world’s best scientists and engineers to develop products to ensure that your classic vehicle has all the essential fluids it needs to thrive and perform far beyond your expectations.

Wynn’s Advanced Engine Treatment is at the heart of our cutting-edge technology for your classic vehicle’s longevity and performance. Your classic vehicle’s engine functions as a mechanical heart which has been fabricated by metal and alloys with lubricating oil pulsating through its cavities. As the mechanical heart pumps horse power through your classic vehicle’s drive train, the lubricating oil bears the brunt of force between moving parts in the engine.

Over time lubricating oil starts to degrade and reduces in ability to provide lubrication to metal surfaces hence your classic vehicle’s engine suffers the full wrath of friction. Friction occurs when metal parts rub against each other thus causing an increase in thermal energy. This increase in thermal energy allows for metal degradation to occur by means of pitting, flaking, and leaching hence friction could potentially have a devastating effect on your classic vehicle’s ability to perform optimally. Your classic vehicle may not stand the test of time!

Wynn’s Advanced Engine Treatment is the premium solution. The primary function of this product is to provide friction proofing to your classic vehicle’s mechanical heart. What’s more, is that our scientifically developed formulation retards ageing of the lubricating oil within your classic vehicle’s engine. Wynn’s Advanced Engine Treatment further increases fuel efficiency by preventing the formation of sludge and deposits. With all this in mind and the availability of Wynn’s Advanced Engine Treatment specifically designed for modern combustions engines and classic vehicle’s, it begs the question: why cause friction between you and your beloved?