There are many factors that contribute to high emissions and a diagnostic process is important. In order to ensure reduced emissions, the engine must function as efficiently as possibly. Therefore, we focus on the key areas:

  • Clean the injectors
  • Check / replace air filter
  • Check / replace fuel filter
  • Flush the engine
  • Replace the oil and filter
  • Check for air leaks
  • Check the crankcase ventilation system
  • Carry out a road test
  • Check the engine management fault codes
  • Retest vehicle emissions

Performing the top ten emission reduction measures can remove contaminants from the fuel and oil systems. This gives the vehicle the best chance of passing the test. If vehicle emissions are still high after these actions are completed, further investigation is needed. This would include: inspection and cleaning of the intake system and intake valves, EGR operation, internal and external intercooler cleanliness, sensor operation, coolant efficiency.